Compensation Guide


20kBTC does not sell any investment, security, franchise, distributorship or business opportunity. Furthermore, 20kBTC does not give advice regarding any investment, security, tax or legal matter. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF INCOME and no compensation is paid for enrolling new Affiliates.


- Anyone who has purchased a membership through the 20kBTC website.
- Anyone who is invited to join 20kBTC by another Affiliate via an invitation through a referral link and has agreed to the Policies & Procedures – Terms & Conditions.


20kBTC has designed its Compensation System to abundantly reward its Affiliates for successfully marketing its memberships and for building left and right teams of Affiliates who market memberships.


To qualify for Team Commissions, the Affiliate must be a paid member and place ONE personal membership sale on their left team and ONE on their right team. In lieu of being a paid member, the Affiliate may make an additional personal membership sale to qualify.

Every Affiliate has a Left Team and a Right Team. When a membership sale occurs on either team, regardless of who on the team made the sale, the Affiliate accumulates sales volume from that team.

Once qualified, the Affiliate will earn 25% of the bitcoin collected on each membership sold by their minimum team’s combined effort, up to $3,000 a day (at the current exchange rate at time of payment). All sales volume totals will hold and carry forward to the next day, less any sales volume already paid on.

7 Day Rule

Upon enrollment, the Affiliate will begin to accumulate sales volume from the membership sales made by the Affiliate or by anyone on the Affiliate’s team. The accumulated sales volume will hold indefinitely unless the Affiliate fails to meet one of the following requirements within 7 days of enrollment: Make a membership purchase or make a personal membership sale. If the 7 day rule is not met, all accumulated sales volume will be deleted and no new sales volume will accumulate until one of the requirements is met.